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The world’s current two main religions, Christianity and Islam are Abrahamic, as are, or were others, some partially so, like the Druze, or Alevis, Yazidis or those from the Ba’hai faith, Mormons, or the religion of Manichaeism, now defunct and Paulician, Bogomils and Catharism, as well as Judaism.

Carhars, with their pacifism, promotion of women as equals, and determination that Jesus Christ was a prophet but not a god, suffered horribly under Papal instigated aggression, notably in the unofficial Occitania region of southern France, with its own Occitan language, still spoken today.

Jesus Christ is, or was a holy figure in all of the Abrahamic religions. He shares cultural or iconic attributes with previous religious figures from religions that predate Christianity. The tales of Horus, Mithras, Oddysseus, Krishna, Buddha, Dionysus, Attis and Zoroaster, all share close parallels with the latter one of Jesus Christ. This includes a mother who was a virgin, and is often a demi-god herself, such as in the case of Isis, mother of Horus, who was portrayed with a Virgin Mary-like status, frequently depicted holding the baby Horus in grass reeds.

But the answer is not in the celebration of gods or official prophets of classical history — nor in the study of virtue as the absolute. The answer to the question not asked is to have mana.

In Polynesian culture, mana is a spiritual quality considered to have supernatural origin — a sacred impersonal force. To have mana is to have the power to perform in a given situation. Mana is not limited to persons — peoples, governments, places and inanimate objects possess mana.

Basically, mana is spiritual energy and also healing power which can exist in places, objects and persons. There is a chance to gain mana and lose mana in everything that a person does, and within nature. In Hawaii, for example, the Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui is believed to be a location of strong mana.

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