A Tale of Two Halves

A little ditty with more than a filament of truth

“I screw.”

Sometimes they got up and left immediately. Some stayed, for the disappointment: “lightbulbs,” he’d finish.

He used to analyse the state of the lighting in the given restaurant in which they’d sit, pointing out the missing bulbs, or those with weak wattage, but had long learnt that not everyone was fascinated by thus topic.

Olga was different. Her passion was used light bulbs, of which his supply was endless. Little did he know she charged fellow Russians a fee for each, so that they could screw them in and take home the good light bulbs from their workplaces.

And in this manner they had found happiness, Olga and her light bulb screwer…

Photo by Liz Young



A.H. Starlingsson🌲

—Playwright, writer, editor, theatre director, 🇺🇦 fighter, aforestbather Substack podcast https://federated.press/@callsign_santa Churchill was also a druid🌳